Blockchain and DLive.


About DLive:

DLive is a decentralized platform that runs on the Linoblockchain, broadcast live over the internet. DLive was founded by a group of UC Berkeley alumni in Silicon Valley, USA. DLive has a content development team in 7 different countries. DLive encourages and rewards both content producers and viewers with cryptocurrencies. Lino has enough funds, such as US $ 20 million, to invest its first DApp in its own ecosystem, including DLive. DLive believes all awards belong to publishers who provide content, does not receive or charge fees to make its platform available, and aims to promote transparency.


Although Dlive is a video site image like Youtube as content, it is separated from such sites in terms of both its return to users and its operations via blockchain.

Why Should Dlive Be Used? What Are The Advantages?

Dlive is a nascent platform. As with any platform, if you start a platform when you are new and that platform is maintained enough, you will always be one step ahead of those who will join this system after you are one of the pioneers of this work. Besides, anyone can win from this platform, regardless of the old or new.

I think there will always be a return to you as long as you share smooth and quality content on Dlive. It doesn't take long for it to be rewarded if you take the time and produce quality content, as is the case with any business. Most users complain about very simple issues such as very high votes would be eliminated in a situation. Because you are being voted out of the live broadcast at that moment or in that time frame. This is one of their biggest advantages.

As with any system, it is best to use this system in accordance with its purpose. As the name suggests, live broadcasts always attract more attention and receive more votes than normal uploaded broadcasts. I think you should never forget this. In addition, when you start the live broadcast, your broadcast is displayed on the platform's homepage. This is not the case with normal installations. So the risk of your normal uploads disappearing into nothingness is quite high.

One of the most important features of DLive is the lack of commission deduction. The content you share comes to you like a standard Steemit post, without any interruption. In addition, the ability to vote on both Dlive and Steemit raises awareness of your publications to two.